Monday, December 12, 2016

Kitchen Cabinets

We hired 3 different people/companies for the renovation. We hired someone for the cabinets, countertops and a plumber (the same guy who replaced our hot water heater). We found the cabinet and countertop people through local recommendations.

Our cabinets came in first. I took a day off from work on a Friday to be home while they installed because Dan didn't want to be the one I yelled at if I hated something. He wanted me talking directly to them. Good thing. They installed the cabinets and I wasn't happy. The bottom cabinets were fine and looked great. I was in love with the island and maybe that skewed my original view a little when we went to see them in their shop.

The cabinets do not look like any cabinets I have ever seen before. They put the first few up and I had to stop them because there was about a 3" gap between the door and the top molding and then a 3" gap between the door and the bottom of the cabinet box. They fixed the gap at the top with more trim and that actually made it look really nice and finished. They couldn't do anything about the gap at the bottom of the cabinet. I'm still unhappy about it today. I've never seen cabinets that look like this before - with this big of a gap between door and end of cabinet - yet, these guys say they've never had a complaint. Now they have. The reason they added that extra trim at the bottom was to cover any under cabinet lighting we may put up. That's fine but I still think the cabinets need something else down at the bottom to make them look finished. They look unfinished to me.

I hate even blogging about it because every time I see it, I get mad. I hate it. I hate how it looks. I try to look at everything other than the upper cabinets, though, now that everything is done. I will admit - I guess I didn't know what I was looking at when I reviewed the final drawing of the cabinets. I've never done this before. I thought we were dealing with experts who would steer us in the right direction. 

There were other hiccups. The big one for both of us was that the old man who owns the business was a cranky old dude. He didn't like us inspecting the cabinets closely and complained about our choice of hardware. He said I was nitpicking every little thing and that I need to understand that nicks are going to happen. 

Um. When I buy something brand new, I expect it to be brand new. I do not expect to have nicks or dings in things. I do not expect to see bubbling in paint. I do not expect to have a cranky old man telling me to accept the flaws. $10k says there should be no flaws. 

The team worked from 9am until 3pm. They had a few outstanding items when they were done. A few doors had to be fixed and some hardware had to be evened out. They also brought the wrong size end cabinet. We ordered a 15" cabinet for the right side of the sink. The rest of the cabinets were 12" and this one was to come in slightly bigger.

Thumper. In the way the entire time. 

I love the crisp, clean look of the white cabinets. The beadboard on the island was a great upgrade and I'm so glad we did that. It makes me happy every time I see it. I also love the drawers. When we decided to redo the cabinets, I decided I wanted mostly drawers on the bottom. We ended up doing all drawers or pull-outs other than under the sink. We have a pull-out for cookie sheets, a pull-out for the trash/recycling and drawers for everything from silverware to tupperware, pots and pans to kid cups and plates. Now our daughter can get her own cup when she needs a drink, total parenting hack right there. 

After the work was done, they took the 12" end cabinet back, along with some of the doors that had bubbling to be fixed. We did get the cabinet and the doors back just a week later and it all looked great...other than that pesky bottom trim problem on the top cabinets. We still haven't figured out what we are going to do about that. 

Finally - a "real life" photo of the kitchen in action complete with 15" cabinet and 3/4 of the family. Plus princesses. Our microwave goes in soon and then we still have to find a cover for the vent under the sink cabinet. 

Tell me - would that trim at the bottom bother you? Or does it look finished enough for your taste?

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