Monday, November 28, 2016


If someone said, "Use one word to describe your home," I would use weird.

This house is so weird. Maybe not the house itself but what the former owners did to the house. We are the 4th owners of our circa 1993 home. It has seen many small children and has had many adult hands doing strange things to it.

Let's start on the third floor and make our way down.
The attic was converted to living space at some point by the first owner. The family home-schooled their children and she wanted a nice place to do so. So, they built a nice space up here. I'm just curious about the stage. Why? Is there something under there? Or did she just want to be able to see out of the window?

The second floor.
The second and third floors share a heating and air conditioning unit. It is split into zones so the third floor is a zone, the main bedroom area is a zone and the bonus room over the garage is a zone. We replaced the filters in the returns and found the main hallway's return doesn't have venting. It's just one big open hole in the ceiling. Very strange. We recently also found that if we turn on the heat on the main zone or on the third floor, the zone in the bonus room starts blowing out air. And when I say blowing, I mean it sounds like a jet engine in that room and the room heats up to 85 degrees in about 30 minutes. We had an HVAC expert come out and what we got was "needs a complete overhaul." We trust these guys and they have walked us through the whole process but that $2500 is not going to leave the bank account easily.

The main floor.
At the intersection of the hallway, kitchen, family room and sun room, there are 3 transition pieces. The floor to the kitchen is higher by about an inch from the sun room. The DIY work here was something else.

My favorite weird thing is the kitchen. This is what various places on the floor of the kitchen look like. Who would do this?

Straight edges instead of angles, bad caulk jobs, no molding in the fridge nook, strange kick plate, bad paint job, double kick plate?? Lots of open space in the floor to allow for dirt, grime and general nastiness to build up.

Finally, let's take a walk outside. This is an electrical outlet. It is in the middle of the yard. It sits in front of where these out of control bushes used to be. We have no idea why it is hanging out here by itself (it's that brown thing about a foot in front of the stake). Hello, safety hazard! There is also a low wattage electrical wire going through the front yard. So weird.

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